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Glaire Anderson, Video Games and the Work of Islamic Art History, now on YouTube

Digital Lab founding leader Glaire Anderson presented her ongoing video games projects last week, in this academic session’s final Research Seminar in Islamic Art (ReSIA), for the School of African and Oriental Studies, University of London.

This session marked the 20th anniversary of ReSIA’s founding in 2003, as a forum to present new work in the field.

Topics discussed:

  • Digital Munya 2.0 and a new spin-off video game aimed at kids of all ages, created in collaboration with a game dev team at Abertay University
  • The GLAM movement and the Digital Lab’s origin story
  • Why video games are significant for making Islamic art and history widely accessible
  • How and why video games and scholarly work in Islamic art, architecture, and cultural heritage can and should productively intersect

Field Trip June 2023!

Art, Architecture, & Archaeology of Early Islamic Córdoba, Spain

26 June -30 June, 2023

Are you interested in medieval Islamic art, architecture and archaeology, and in al-Andalus?

Are you curious about using video games and immersive digital technologies to make Islamic art and history widely accessible?

Dr. Glaire Anderson is organising a field trip to explore the art, architecture, archaeology, and history of early Islamic Córdoba for researchers and professionals in games, GLAM, and education.