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Are you looking for support to create authentic, immersive game worlds inspired by Islamic history and civilisation?

We help developers create authentic, visually stunning games inspired by the medieval Islamic past

How we help

We offer ‘Critical Friend’ insights, feedback, and recommendations on visuals, content and messaging for projects at any stage

We provide accurate, authentic information on architecture, art, archaeology, material culture, and history of Islamic societies (including geography, politics, culture, science, literature, etc.), with a focus on the medieval period (with special expertise in the caliphal period and early Islamic Spain)

We locate high-quality images of sites, monuments, and artefacts and prepare presentations and mood boards to support development

We offer guidance on specialist museum and archival collections, including risk assessment

We advise on experts who can support your project

If you’d like our free PDF timeline of Islamic architecture, you can get it instantly by letting us know below.

It’s a quick cheat code to the main times, places, and rulers of Islamic history

Benefits of working with us

Demonstrated experience working with development teams across industry and academia

For longer-term projects (3+ months), partnership with Edinburgh Innovations providing support, access to funding, studentships, and connections to Scottish industry and networks

” It was a pleasure working with Glaire and I strongly recommend her to game designers who wish to develop projects related to her academic expertise…  Glaire’s expertise was crucial in two ways: she ensured that our output was historically as authentic as possible, and she was absolutely fantastic in the way she contributed to brainstorms, in the way she provided suggestions, and also participated in the creative discussion …”

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Dr. Gianluca Raccagni, History and Games Lab Edinburgh

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